Now is the Time to make Your Stand

What is Truth?

First we need to understand what truth is not, before we can hope to know what it is. Truth does not do things to appease ANYBODY. Truth does NOT yield to pressure nor does it negotiate to compromise its principles. Truth's only motive is to ensure that the right thing is done at all times. Truth does NOT change; because truth CANNOT change. Truth is NOT biased and it CANNOT waiver, it is the same in EVERY situation. Truth is not out to please anyone, not even itself; and because of this truth has many enemies and very few friends. Truth is simply about doing the right thing at all times.

Truth DEMANDS Discipline

Without discipline there is no need for people to restrain them self; and lawlessness bounds when there is no self-restraint. Truth and lawlessness are two opposing forces; they have nothing in common, each is the archenemy of the other. But truth demands discipline because it requires things to be done in a particular way; truth has its own standard that must be upheld, it will NOT accept any other standard.
For example, a culture [or civilization] that does not discipline its people in the principles of its tradition will disintegrate, often without remedy, and become nothing more than shadows in the annals of history. It's like planting no seeds but waiting for a harvest; there will never be a harvest of anything but weeds. This is the same as not disciplining our children, never telling them that good or bad consequences will be the result of their choices, but then the parents act surprised when their children grow up into lawless adults.

Standing up for truth

Being a person that stands up for truth is simply about making every effort to say and do the right thing ALL the time; regardless of what other people may think. Truth will NOT make everybody happy, and as a matter of fact it will grieve most people; because truth attracts enemies like magnet draws steel.
Most people, male and female, young and old, all walk the face of the earth trying to please them self and others, in the hope that they can enjoy their short time on planet earth without making enemies; but it is all a lie and in vain, because their life style has not been based on truth.
So you see, knowing truth is one thing, but actually standing up for truth is something completely different; because acknowledging truth may require change in your life that is bitter, and often uncomfortable.

Telling Lies

If you do not stand up for truth, you will only make an already bad situation worse. Take for instance, not telling people the truth when they are in the wrong will not help them, because they will believe your lies and become worse off than they were before. These people will in turn perpetuate your lies to their neighbours, and it will continue to spread like cancer until it destroys everything that it touches, bringing no cure to the original problem.

Telling lies of any kind, be it of the little white variety or any other colour for that matter, is wrong and it is not truth; it will not solve any problem but make it worse. The lies may appear to have fixed the problem, but this is only an illusion, because lies only bury a problem and make it even more difficult to fix.

Telling lies to people in order to appease them because they are not prepared to face the truth will not help them, and it will not help anybody else; because the person telling the lies has now become an accomplice with the people that they have lied to. The trouble with people who will not face the truth about their problem is that they are NOT really ready to fix the problem.

The bottom line is that telling lies will NOT solve ANY problem, they just postpone a problem; only truth can fix problems.


If someone steals something that belongs to you then the right thing to do [if the matter cannot be resolved amicably] is to report it to the appropriate law enforcement authority and let them deal with it; it is not for you to go out and steal from someone else, or begin a manhunt in order that you might avenge yourself. Yes, you have every right to become angry if someone steals something that belongs to you, but your response can either be to avenge your loss, or to leave it to the appropriate authorities to deal with the matter. The latter is truth; however, it is up to you to make the decision to pursue truth. This is an example of truth that we can easily relate to; but there is another deeper kind of truth in the very fibre of the world in which we live.

The principle that governs life on the earth is a deeper kind of truth. Seeds are planted and crops grow; land is cultivated otherwise it remains fallow; the moon brings in and takes out the tide; the sun gives light and heat to the earth in the right quantity and at the right time, otherwise organic life could not flourish on the earth. All these have one thing in common, there is a reaction to an action; the crops will only grow after the seeds are planted, the tide will only go out or come in depending on the gravitational pull of the moon, and without the light and heat from the sun most [and probably all] living organisms on earth would die.

The truth is that the earth must be alive in order for it to react the way it does; because dead things do not react to anything. We do not fully understand the earth, but what we do know is that there is a reaction to every action on the earth, and this raises the question of the source of the earth's power.

What is it that keeps the earth ticking?

How does Truth Behave?

Truth does NOT insist on having its own way, truth is free, it does not steal, it does not tell lies, truth tells people what they need to hear and not what will make them feel happy, it does not cheat, it is not dishonest, it does not murder, it does not placate or patronise people, it does not oppress others in order to get its own way, it is not unfair, it does not show preferential treatment nor does it withhold justice because of a persons status, it does not take bribes, it is not mean, it is not greedy or proud, it is not merciless, it does not get angry easily, it is not a hypocrite, it does not make promises that it has no intention of keeping, it is not afraid to stand up in the face of fierce opposition, it is not selfish nor is it self-seeking, it will not help to pervert justice, truth does not deceive in order to get its own way, truth is not a coward; and it will fight if it has to,…, but most important of all, truth stands up for what is right ALL the time.

Admittedly, no human being is perfect, but doing everything that you can at ALL times to ensure that the right thing is done is what it's all about; this is truth.

When Truth is Rejected

It is clearly evident that there is opposition to truth; that is why all human beings do not do the right things at all times.

When truth is rejected then a lie will be accepted in its place; there is no other option. Because apart from truth, EVERYTHING else is a lie.

Truth does NOT waiver and it will NOT change because it is rejected. It may be suppressed and hidden for a while, but truth CANNOT be held as a prisoner forever.

What is Truth?

To know truth is to understand and accept the principles by which the earth sustains life, and then to live in harmony with the earth. Why? Well take for instance, human beings need to breath air in order to stay alive on the earth; and if any human being was to disagree with this principle then that person would simply die. Everything about the earth appears to work in a precise and orderly fashion; it's as if the earth was obeying the instructions of its owner and master.

Mere words from a mortal human being simply cannot describe the earth in full flow, because to say that the earth was amazing would be something of an understatement. The internal workings of the earth is something that we do not understand.

Look at the rain, it rains only during certain times of the year and so farmers plant their seeds based on this knowledge; the rain and the associated seasonal weather changes give growth to the seeds and in due time crops can be harvested. This teaches us a fundamental principle of the earth; there is a time to plant, a time to allow growth to take place and a time to harvest. If you plant a seed and do not give it time to grow then you are not going to be harvesting anything but the original seed.

Also, some plants grow only in places where the weather is mostly warm, if they are planted in the cold regions of the world they would die. This tells us that if you do things that are contrary to the principles of the earth, it will not yield the right result.

The seeds need to be planted where they will get moisture and growth enhancing nutrients; otherwise, they will not grow to produce any crop. So, if you just throw corn seeds on a dry surface where they will not get any moisture and growth enhancing nutrients, they will simply remain as the seeds you put there and probably become food for birds. The seeds need to be in the right environment before they will grow and produce a harvest.

These things tell us at least one thing about the earth; you will reap what you sow. If you accept the principles of the earth and do the right things then you will get the right result; however, if you reject the principles of the earth and do the wrong things then you are NOT going to get the right result. In other words, you're only going to get a return on what you do with the earth.

Truth is NOT a Coward

Because you want to stand up for truth does not mean you bow down to evil people and let people walk over you, nor does it mean you're spineless. Standing up for truth means striving to do the right thing at ALL times, regardless of what other people are doing, saying or thinking; and sometimes it may require the use of force because TRUTH IS NOT A COWARD.

Take for instance, in the United States of America, a descendant of the people who were once enslaved by the American people was elected to be the president of the country that enslaved his ancestors; all because one man [Abraham Lincoln] stood up for truth and denounced human slavery as immoral and wrong. It cost the lives of more than six hundred thousand Americans during the civil war that ensued, and it was probably the reason why Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Although he did not live to see it, Abraham Lincoln won the war and his abolition of slavery brought freedom to millions of enslaved people; not just in America but all over the world. It has been nearly 150 years since slavery was abolished, and truth has out lived slavery; truth has shown slavery to be in the wrong.

So, stand up for truth no matter the cost, fight for it if necessary, and die for it if that is the sacrifice you have to make, but stand you should because truth will always win in the end.

Sometimes people do not and cannot stand up for the truth because of fear, intimidation or oppression; these are situations that we all have to face, but inasmuch as it is within your power to do so then you should stand up for truth.

Truth may not always be comfortable or popular, but it is the ONLY thing that will prevent the human capacity for doing good from being permanently perverted and consigned to doing evil. If we do not stand up for truth, NOTHING will ever change for the better; things will either remain the same or get worse. But just as a bad tree CANNOT produce good fruits, so also bad or wrong actions will NEVER produce good results.

Some Truths about Truth

Truth is not something that is made up of popular opinion, nor is it being made up by popular opinion. Truth is NOT vague; it is very clear. Truth is a part of the delicate and intertwined fibre of EVERYTHING that exists. Truth does not change because it is not popular with people or because the majority of people prefer a more pacifying opinion; truth does not change because people abuse and manipulate it so that it fits in with their own selfish desires; truth does not change because people think it is not politically correct and out dated for their time; truth does not change because it is hated, nor does it change because it is loved. Truth is established and it does not change because it CANNOT change.

Truth is not an idea, nor is it a suggestion; it is not the opinion of any human being and so it cannot be held to ransom by any human being. The indifference of people towards truth has no influence whatsoever on truth, nor is it something which one can hope to defeat.

Regardless of popular opinion or what anybody may think, truth has ALWAYS been around and truth will ALWAYS be around; truth CANNOT die, it is timeless, eternal, ageless, everlasting, perpetual and never-ending.

Who decides what is right?

Human opinion is of no relevance where truth is concerned because truth is NOT founded on human logic or reasoning. Just as a lump of clay cannot tell the porter what object it should be moulded into, and a car cannot decide how many seats it should have, so also the human race cannot decide what is right for them; it is the potter, car manufacturer and human source that has the legitimate right to decide what is right clay, car and human race respectively.

Who is Truth?

Since truth has the ability to convince a living human being to change their choices in life then it stands to reason that truth itself MUST be alive; since dead things are unable to influence the momentary decisions that are made by living human beings. And if truth is alive, aware, intelligent and it can communicate with human beings then it raises a new question, "Who is Truth?"